European Commission, EDSO for Smart Grids and Dansk Energi gather in Copenhagen


The aggressive Scandinavian energy policies ask for more electricity and more specifically, electricity from renewables. A natural resource they have in the region in abundance is wind power.
The Nordic governments and regulators are in talks on making the interstate connections less complex, with a number of new wind projects for increased capacity already under way. On a local level, domestic utilities and consortia of partners are hard at work testing cutting-edge smart grid technologies in smart city labs all over the country.
Denmark, with its ambitious goals for becoming carbon neutral by 2050, is expanding its wind power production capacities. The ultimate goal is full electrification of energy, powered by the integrated, stable grid with 100% energy efficiency and full security of supply.
Learn what the future holds for the smart energy markets, and how it could affect your business.
What a better place to do so than in the country on the road to becoming the first carbon neutral state in the world?

Smart Utilities Scandinavia (20 – 21 of March 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark), will debate on Nordic energy targets within the EU framework, showcasing best-in-class projects, and mapping out the full regional smart energy landscape.
We have brought together 25+ of the foremost leaders to present on energy matters from the region, complemented with the newest projects from UK and Germany on microgeneration and electric vehicles.

  • The event kicks-off with a keynote address by Per-Olaf Granström, Secretary General, EDSO for Smart Grids – this is your chance to hear first-hand about market conditions and implications on your business
  • Anders Stouge, Deputy Director General, Danish Energy Association will unveil the Danish model of full renewable energy transition. A not-to-be-missed blueprint for policy makers and utilities expanding their share of renewables
  • Manuel Sánchez Jiménez, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission will discuss the EU smart grid policy, especially relating to cost benefit analysis of smart grid. Understand financial and long term economic returns of your smart grid business case

Join us for the freshest thinking, cutting-edge innovation and inspirational talks by the very best of the Scandinavian smart energy professionals. Guarantee your first ROI of 2012 and SAVE €300!

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