EUW14: solar takes centre stage in Amsterdam as major energy source


EUW-solar-as-major-power-sourceSolar could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has stated.

Which energy expert would have believed ten years ago that solar would approach the 100-GW landmark in Europe within a decade? But it is happening right now.

Even the more difficult regulatory climate and relative market decline observed in Europe in recent years does not change the basics of solar.

Solar at EUW

Sessions during the European Utility Week make you understand how being visionary with solar is only a pragmatic choice for your company:

  • Strategy: “Transforming the power business – Opportunities in a renewable-driven and decentralised power system” – Wednesday 05 November, 14:00-15:20 – Part of the Strategic Programme

Oliver Schäfer, EPIA President, will moderate a session focusing on the evolution of the power system. What would happen when solar becomes the major source of electricity?

Representatives from the IEA, First Solar, Tennet, Stedin and Enel will discuss with the audience their views on potential roles and responsibilities of their respective companies in such a context. This introduction will be followed by a “Serious Game” engaging the audience.

  • Operation: “Utilising International Standards – Including IEC 61850 – to Control DER Plants and Deliver Ancillary Services” – Thursday 06 November, 11:00-11:20 – Part of the Case Study Programme

Tom Tansy, Chairman of SunSpec Alliance – strategic partner of EPIA, will present preliminary results of an international collaboration focusing on smart inverters’ capabilities in terms of value maximisation and grid stability, using real-life experience of leading inverter manufacturers

  • RDI/Operation: “PV GRID: Promoting Grid Integration and Development of PV systems in Europe” – Thursday 06 November, 9:00-9:20 – Part of the Case Study Programme

Manoël Rekinger, EPIA Senior Technology Advisor, will present the results of the European Project PV GRID, which analysed current grid connection barriers and solutions for large-scale development of solar across Europe.