EVs – how to narrow the gap between consumer expectations and their actual needs?


According to a major consumer survey, more than half of all Europeans, given the right infrastructure, would opt for an electric car as their new car. They expect the number of kilometers for a fully charged battery to be 437, although the actual needs are different: the average number of kilometers driven every day is only 52. Hence, one of the biggest tasks for e-transport advocates is how to narrow the gap between consumer expectations and their actual needs.

In addition to the consumer sentiment, there are a number of complex behind-the-scene issues:

  • No grid could sustain an upsurge in the load from simultaneous charging of millions of e-vehicles
  • Is smart charging technology sufficiently advanced to regulate charging speed and monitor the network capacity?
  • With the supply more volatile, demand will have to adapt to the available electricity. Will the consumer be receptive to this lack of flexibility and control?

Against this backdrop of the complex interaction between the consumer and availability of energy, we have invited best-in-class energy experts to debate on the emerging EV market and showcase most innovative EV projects.

Jarmo Tuisk of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications will present on the Estonian nationwide e-mobility project. With a fleet of 500 cars and 200 charging stations, it is the most comprehensive rollout in Europe. A not to be missed presentation on the live EV-into–the-grid project!

Peter Brinker of EURELECTRIC will explore further uses of EVs as energy storage devices and balancing wind intermittency on the network. Learn about supply influencing demand and the potential role of EVs in preventing the grid from overloading

Laerke Flander of Danish EV Alliance will offer insights into consumer perspectives, drawing on real-life feedback and case studies. An essential talk from the leading body of Europe’s most progressive county in EV developments

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