Family of modems expands


BlueTree Wireless Data Inc., provider of commercial and industrial wireless modems for the worldwide M2M market, has announced the expansion of its family of modems with the launch of two new products within the 4000 IP series. The BlueTree 4200CDMA and the BlueTree 4400 GPRS are for use over the cellular CDMA/1xRTT (800/1900Mhz) and GSM/GPRS (850/1900Mhz) data networks respectively.

Designed to provide simple and reliable communications, the two modems support telemetry applications such as wireless AMR. The intelligent programming includes smart connection management capability that allows the modems to initiate their own wireless data connection to the cellular network and complete the transfer of information. This feature provides for non-intelligent serial devices such as utility meters to be attached to the modems, and eliminates the need for operator intervention or an attached computer.