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Meet with 500+ experts in the smart home space face-to-face and get solutions to those challenges you are encountering on a daily basis. The three core themes covered off in this year’s Smart Homes agenda are:
Smart Homes 2012 offers unprecedented focus on the interests and needs of the customer. We take a look at customer strategies from a range of companies including telcos, utilities, consumer goods manufacturers and solution providers.

We ask the questions: what is working for the customer, what prices are they willing to pay, how are the benefits of smart homes being sold to the customer and what changes are customers making in their habits based upon increased usage awareness?

Ask your questions directly to 40+ leading minds from across the smart home space including: Alexander Pippert, Head of Smart Home at E.ON; Susan Furnell, Head of Smart Networks at NPower and Jean Kiessling, Head of Business Development and Portfolio Management at Deutsche Telekom, to find out what’s the key to unlocking mass market participation in the smart home?
What new opportunities and technologies are emerging in the smart home space? Looking across the whole smart home market, we have plucked some of the most interesting and pertinent questions of the moment.

Take a look at how interconnectivity is bringing EVs into the realm of the smart home, the question of heat and how this could be a huge game-changer in HEM thinking, how can the ‘digital divide’ which splits society into the technological haves and have-nots be breached; and, what role can standards play in helping to stimulate innovation in product design?
What are the means to commercializing the smart home beyond customer engagement? Before a product arrives on the shelves companies must devise a workable strategy often based around a cross-sectoral partnership of companies.

Chairing this session is Bert Haskell, representing Pecan Street, one of the best known smart grid partnerships. In this session we look at the logistical challenges of delivering Europe’s largest assisted living project, developing a smart security partnership between a telco and security provider, the safeguarding of content ownership within the home entertainment space and developing Europe’s largest smart home alliance, Qivicon.

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Smart Homes 2012 presents more smart home project results than any other conference! From business strategy to technology innovations, get the insights and practical tips to help you deploy and monetize your smart home.

This is your unique opportunity to learn from the biggest and best, network with 500+ smart home industry thought leaders and source the newest technological gadgets on offer!

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