First North American Meter to use GSM


Siemens Communications Inc. has announced the release of the Siemens® wireless module-enabled SmartSynch® Residential SmartMeter™, North America’s first residential advanced meter designed to function on Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) cellular networks. The high-performance electric meter transmits power status and usage data that could enable power companies to eliminate estimated bills, provide more frequent power information to its customers, and provide emerging enhanced services.

Resembling a traditional electric meter, the next-generation SmartMeter includes SmartSynch technologies and a Siemens GSM MC56 wireless module. The meter utilises public wireless networks for communication between each SmartMeter and the SmartSynch Transaction Management System (TMS) software residing at a power company’s operations centre. The triple band MC56 module operates using 850/1800/1900 MHz frequencies. When used in power meters, Siemens wireless modules allow for the reading of meters at any time, enabling power companies to implement and track variable price rates in line with changing seasons and customers’ energy consumption habits.