FUJI announces commitment to Lonworks

Fuji Electric, Japan’s largest provider of control systems, has announced
a number of initiatives designed to expand the use of Echelon Corporation’s LonWorks® system within the Japanese market. In addition to developing LonWorks based products, Fuji will join Echelon’s Open Systems Alliance programme and become an integrator of open LonWorks networks. It will become an authorised Echelon training centre, and will add a dedicated LonWorks sales organisation for sales within the Fuji Group, to other OEMs, and to network integrators.

Additionally, Fuji will expand its role in the LonMark Interoperability association from a partner member to sponsor member. As a LonMark sponsor, Fuji will become part of the organisation’s board. Fuji expects to invest more than $4 million and have more than 200 engineers and sales people dedicated to LonWorks related projects during 2002.

The initiative will offer customers solutions that will integrate their control systems and their ERP, SCM, CRM, or other IT systems.