Hear from the countries driving innovation in the ESCO Market


At ESCO Europe 2014 we bring you the latest building energy efficiency success stories from across Europe. By doing this we aim to inspire you and enable you to take away the key ingredients for creating a positive project outcome.

For this year’s keynote session we turn our attentions to some leading country case studies in Europe, showcasing how these nations have managed to expand their national ESCO markets and push energy efficiency high up the agenda.

We present three exciting case studies from Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands which share information on:

  • Profile and characteristics of these successful markets
  • What prevailing conditions were needed to grow the market
  • Identifying best practices and financing mechanisms present to help overcome barriers
  • Policy underpinnings and introducing the EED
  • Aligning stakeholders to ensure strong project delivery
  • ESCO energy ambitions to helping deliver on 2020 targets

Presenting these case studies will be high-level representatives from these markets, including:

  • Michael Geissler, Managing Director, Berlin Energy Agency, Germany
  • Majella Kelleher, Head of Energy Demand Management, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
  • Jacqueline Cramer, Chairman of board of the Dutch ESCO Network, Director of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute,and former Dutch Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, The Netherlands

Click here to have a look at the full list of speakers.

With time still to get more content into the 2014 programme, share your ideas on which successful country markets you think ought to be included in the agenda.

Join the discussion on 22-23 January in Barcelona during the 10th annual ESCO Europe conference and get inspired insights. Simply reply to this email if you want me to hold a seat for you or register directly and save €300 off the full registration fee.

I look forward to meeting you in Barcelona.

Ed Butler
Content Director

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