How can you profit from the Energy Efficiency Directive?


With the overwhelming approval of the Energy Efficiency Directive on 11 September, this year comes a raft of new legislation which enforces energy use improvements in buildings.

There now exists a 3% minimum quota for energy efficient renovation of public building stock whilst energy retailers are being required to reduce sales by 1.5% per annum.

It remains for the nation states of Europe to integrate these requirements into national regulatory frameworks. But, as the English phrase goes, ‘’the devil is in the detail’’. So, it’s difficult to tell quite how this legislation will impact the energy service companies with each country taking a different interpretation on these rules.  

At ESCO Europe 2013, taking place on 23-24 January in Copenhagen, key ESCO stakeholders will give you detailed insights into the critical factors impacting your business strategies.

Policy and Regulation

A variety of key regulatory experts will offer their views on the future evolution of energy performance contracting. Hear from:

  • The Danish Government
  • ADEME (the French energy agency)
  • The European Commission
  • The International Energy Agency
  • and many more

View the full list of regulators and institutions here


Many are asking: how will municipalities respond to the challenge?
Some municipalities have pledged already to go beyond the 3% target. But, at a time of scarce resources it’s important to have investor support to realize these aspirations.

ESCO Europe 2013 brings together a record number of municipalities alongside a selection of high profile finance figures to share their thoughts on future uptake of EPC.

  • City of Copenhagen
  • Greater London Authority
  • City of Madird
  • and many more

View the full list of municipalities here


ESCOs certainly seem set to grow with the new legislation and with that the various component providers and energy efficient consulting services stand to gain also. But, where growth in the market takes place depends a lot on how the Energy Efficiency Directive is incorporated into law within the various states.

Where and how do experts see growth occurring over the next few years? Hear from Europe’s leading ESCOs, including:

  • Schneider Electric
  • Scan Energi Solutions (formerly Danfoss Solutions)
  • Siemens

View the full list of ESCOs here


Hear also what is driving interests and fears from the finance side, including feedback from:

  • The European Investment Bank
  • The EBRD
  • Deutsche Bank

View the full list of financers here

With so much change afoot in the European energy efficiency market, can you afford to miss out on Europe’s largest ESCO event?
With over 250 delegates attending from almost all EU countries including senior-level policy and regulatory personnel, financiers and city representatives this is the best single opportunity to understand what the future holds for building energy efficiency in Europe.

Check out the ESCO 2013 website for further details.

I look forward to welcoming you on 23-24 January 2013 in Copenhagen.

Ed Butler
Conference Producer
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