How secure is data in a digitised network?


The rollout of smart meters and smart grids is making huge promises in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings, but does such an accelerated digitisation of information carry new risks?

If a truly smart network requires open protocols, and free information flow from the consumer metering point all way along the grid to the power plant, then protecting this constant stream of data from cyber-attacks and guarding consumer privacy becomes a key strategic issue for any utility.

But in reality, how secure is data that energy companies hold?
Findings have shown that risks of cyber-attacks are still little understood by utilities, with systems in place often inadequate to protect against external attacks, data loss and misuse.
The convenience of cloud services and outsourced data hubs helps business processes, but how do we ensure that it protects the consumer?

It is clear that there is a strong need for best in class technologies to embed the protection of crucial business information and consumer privacy into every aspect of utility operation.
Smart Utilities Scandinavia 2013 will zoom into these critical issues via presentations by some of the most renowned experts in the field:

  • Klaus Kursawe of European Network for Cyber Security will address the realities of non-secure networks and the consequences of attacks. He will also draw on successful global experiences across sectors and how these have been implemented by energy companies
  • Ingrid Arus, Elering (Estonian TSO), will discuss the creation of the national electricity data hub, the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder, and the protection, privacy concerns and access to the consumer metering information
  • Maike van Grootel of Essent/RWE and Koen Kok of TNO Research Institute will expand on the potential of ICT in their respective projects – Power Matching City and EcoGridEU – both of which draw on sophisticated and open communication channels to involve consumers in energy exchange. How do we ensure that the data used is safe and not open to misuse and theft?

The themes of data protection & privacy and the robustness of communication channels will be showcased through a variety of real life projects, pilot schemes and policy structures to ensure that our future grid is as agile and open as it is secured and safe from misuse. For the full programme, please click here.

Join the debate in Stockholm on 17-18 April – register by 15 March for a special offer saving you up to € 300.

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Aida Mezit
Conference Producer

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