Hydro One concludes agreement for 1.3 million meters


An agreement to supply 1.3 million AMI-enabled meters in support of Hydro One’s smart meter deployment thoughout the province of Ontario, Canada has been concluded with the Ozz Corporation and Trilliant Networks Inc.Hydro One began the installation of smart meters in southern Ontario earlier in this year and expects to complete the installation of 1.3 million meters in its service territory by 2010.

Trilliant’s unified AMI solution is based on enabling a common network investment to serve complimentary applications for consumers, enterprise, work force and grid, as well as improving performance and functionality using interoperable component

The installation includes Plug ‘n Play AMI on Trilliant’s OpenMesh network, which allows meters and appliances to communicate via multiple paths to multiple stakeholders; directly to utility, consumer and other participating agencies, and includes low-cost, high-speed sensor and control connectivity. OZZ Corporation is a Canadian energy technology and infrastructure services company and Trilliant Networks provides networks solutions for water utilities, while the provinciallyowned Hydro One owns and operates Ontario’s HV and LV networks.

www.HydroOne.com / www.ozzcorp.com / www.trilliantnetworks.com