IIoT Partnership highlighted at Asian Utility Week Conference


Trilliant and SAS have continued the evolution of their industrial internet of things (IIoT) partnership to optimise connected grid devices and demonstrate the ability to turn data into actionable intelligence.

Trilliant has connected SAS software to its servers to enable rapid exploration and modeling of smart grid data from devices. The information gathered is applicable to smart city projects, and the discovery of value from device data.

Together SAS and Trilliant are exploring vast amounts of raw, low-latency meter and device data to help utilities improve profits and reduce power outages.

Trilliant and SAS have been working to analyse valuable use cases such as determining which devices or meters have anomalous consumption behavior patterns that may indicate faulty installation, failure, tampering, or theft. This data is being evaluated based on history to determine correlation within model type or manufacturer. The work also involves integrating with SAS’ streaming analytics software that will provide real time insights that can be acted upon immediately.

“The Internet of Things has changed the way we collect, analyze, and use data,” said Michele Null, global IoT marketing leader at SAS.

“The data generated is ever-growing and evolving, and being able to leverage a broad spectrum of analytic capabilities is crucial. We are excited about the IoT ecosystem partnerships we are developing because our combined capabilities deliver the most value to organisations and citizens.”

Southeast Asia has one of the fastest growing energy and utility markets in the world. With the huge growth in Southeast Asia, it has become one of the quickest expanding markets from a smart grid technology perspective.

“As areas such as Southeast Asia work to drive their regions rapidly growing economies, we are honored to have the opportunity to provide a globally flexible solution that can meet their needs through smart grid technology,” said Bryan Spear, Trilliant’s managing director of Asia Pacific.

“Alongside SAS, we will be able to discover value from data to further drive economic growth for our partners.”

A SAS and Trilliant demo was showcased during Asian Utility Week. Attendees saw how data from connected grid devices enables energy companies to more closely monitor asset performance and avoid financial losses.