Industry partnerships: a key success factor in smart rollouts


The most upfront investments in smart meter and grid projects are borne by DSOs who have paid about 70% of the cost for around 300 projects in Europe up to date, totalling 5,5 billion euros.
The key question is how much and over what period can DSOs recuperate the cost of investments in smart metering through grid use fees? And how much of the cost will be passed on to the consumer?
For instance, when it comes to the commercial and industrial consumers, smart meters can probably pay for themselves through savings, and to quote Jessica Stromback of SEDC "if companies can earn 100,000 euros, the 2000 euros industrial meter is no longer a problem".  
For the residential consumer, the savings are significantly lower, at around 10 – 15%. As current projects have demonstrated, their success is fully dependent on the consumer buy-in, without which smart meters are a hugely expensive piece of technology, unlikely to recoup their investments.
Industry partnerships – a key success factor to smart rollouts
As smart grid/metering projects are maturing, early imbalances are being ironed out, with the roles of the consumer, supplier and network companies becoming more interdependent.

At Smart Utilities Scandinavia, some of Europe’s most advanced projects that exemplify the growing co-operation between all parties will be showcased, such as:

  • Fortum Smart – the world’s first fully commercial market-tracking demand response by Timo Liiri, Head of Products and Delivery, Fortum Markets, Finland
  • The PowerMatching City – a market-based smart grid pilot by Maike van Grootel, Project Manager, Essent/RWE, the Netherlands and Hans de Heer, Service Line Leader, DNV KEMA Netherlands
  • Ecogrid EU – realising end-user market involvement in a real-time setting by Koen Kok, Senior Scientist Smart Grids, TNO Institute, the Netherlands
  • MVV Energie AG Moma project – bringing energy producers and consumers together by Frieder Schmitt, Head of Corporate Department Technology and Innovation, MVV Energie AG, Germany
  • Building intelligent smart grid infrastructure in Salzburg by Daniel Reiter, Grid Division, Salzburg AG, Austria

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