Innovative latching relays


Innovative latching relays

Gruner AG is a leading supplier of latching relays. Over 20 years ago, the company decided to specialise in polarised relays for disconnect and reconnect applications. Today, the 700 series represents the most comprehensive range of latching relays, ranging from 8 A up to 200 A. They are available with different coil voltages, bus bar and contact configurations.

The relays comply with national and international standards. For example, the 740M/E 200 A two pole relay for the US-market meets the ANSI C12.1 (7 kA peak 6 cycles/ 12 kA rms 4 cycles) and UL 508 (10 kA make test 3 cycles) standards. In applications like disconnect and reconnect of domestic and industrial users, for example prepayment, additional national requirements are specified. Switching into fault currents, unpredictable loads, sensitivity to tamper attempts with strong permanent magnets, shock and vibration are not uncommon.

Gruner latching relays have proved their performance and reliability with the large number of installed systems around the world. The close relationship with the customer during concept, design, prototyping, testing and field trials is the key success factor for a good product. It ensures that any new Gruner product meets the actual market requirements regarding performance, reliability and price.

Gruner is committed to continue to supply the market with innovative, state-of-the-art products, at high performance to price ratios. Many patents have been granted for these products. Copies of innovative products are common, but imitation does not replace innovation.