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Successful utilities will in the future no longer supply power from large and centralised networks and send out bills to faceless customers. As electricity demand and supply dynamics change, they will need to shift their focus away from passively providing electricity to managing a complex interplay between consumer, electricity provider and network.

According to Jon Slowe, Chairman of the Residential Perspective track, in order to reap the benefits of smart grid they will need to:

  • Increasingly influence when customers use electricity
  • Offer value added products and services that help customers use existing and emerging technologies to generate their own energy
  • Have a relationship with their customers, offering them advice, information and services that encourages customer retention
  • Actively manage distribution networks to cope with spikey electrical demands and distributed generation

Smart Utilities Scandinavia’s two-track programme will drill down into the details of consumer engagement via presentations by some of Europe’s foremost smart energy experts:

  • Giulio Jacucci of the leading consumer interactive Be Aware project on creating a value proposition to the consumer: consumption patterns, triggers and technology
  • Jessica Stromback of Smart Energy Demand Coalition will explain the drivers behind demand-response and the benefits to consumer and energy providers. Most comprehensive European study of DR from 450.000 households
  • Trygve Skjotskift of Accenture will draw on the recent European consumer research, highlighting smart adoption criteria and information as the new currency. The ultimate reference to global consumer trends, with over 10,000 interviewees in 18 countries

These highlighted talks, amongst others, will clarify exactly how ‘smart’ utilities need to become in order to grow value, market share and profits.

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