Is EU energy policy delivering on its promises? Join the debate at Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2012


Over the last couple of decades the EU energy policy has been heavily focusing on energy efficiency, security of supply and low carbon targets.
Various mandates have pushed for the creation of internal markets to spearhead to cross-country competition, in turn setting the right incentives for efficiency. Efficiency gains are then expected to be passed through to final consumers in the form of lower prices. Guaranteeing security of supply is achieved by better interconnections, and carbon emissions reduced by moving from fossil-fuels to renewables.
As 2012 is drawing to a close in the politically and economically weakened Europe, with financial crises reverberating through most of its member states, how much of this has been achieved in reality?

According to our experts at Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2012, the sector lags by a significant margin behind its 20/20/20 targets and the key issues still remain unresolved:

  • A huge cost of renewable integration, coupled with undeveloped markets to support them are hot potatoes on the low carbon agenda
  • Expanding interconnections and transmission capacity is delayed due to often conflicting political interests and economic imperatives
  • Functioning of the competitive markets is challenged by the legacy of the now-privatised energy monopolies still holding a large concentration of the sector

These topics will be discussed at Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2012 by the panel of our expert speakers, the likes of Hubert Lemmens, Chief Innovation Officer, ELIA Group; MihaiPaun, Network Development Advisor, ENTSO-E; DamirNovosel, VP, IEEE PES; Reg Platt, Climate Change and Energy Policy, the Institute for Public Policy Research, UK; and KlaasHommes, System Operations, TenneT TSO, to name a few. Click here to view the full list.
With electricity demand rising, the need for infrastructure investments becoming more pressing and carbon emissions concerns growing, the next few years will be crucial in determining the future direction of the electricity sector.

By attending Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2012 you will play an active part in this dialogue, learn about the latest projects, investments and policy updates.

100+ utilities have already confirmed they are sending delegations! Join them in Amsterdam on October 9-11.

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