Is the rest of Europe lagging behind the Nordics in smart energy?


Smart grid is seen by many as rewriting the energy rule book, in the way energy is produced, managed and consumed and is intricately linked to the integration of large scale renewables, wind and solar in particular.
Scandinavia is, in many ways, at the leading edge of both innovative smart grid schemes and renewable integration:

  • Denmark has the world’s highest ratio of wind penetration
  • Electrification of heat is already widespread in Sweden, and there is a steady growth in all other Scandinavian markets
  • Denmark is on the way to becoming a leader in electrification of road transport
  • The retail electricity market in Sweden is one of the more competitive European electricity markets

Against the backdrop of the accelerating change in Scandinavian smart energy, we have invited best-in-class regional energy experts to debate on market drivers and showcase most innovative regional ‘smart’ projects:

  • Gavin Bell of Poyry will discuss the findings of their independent North European Wind Intermittency study with updates on the regional RES support schemes. A not-to-be-missed talk for understanding the regional forces behind renewable integration!
  • Poul Brath of DONG Energy will explore consumer triggers for using energy in a more flexible manner, especially price signals and Demand Response. Learn how the controlled usage can help balance the loads and stabilise the grid
  • Laerke Flander of Danish EV Alliance will present on the consumer trials for a widespread adoption of EVs. Get the real life feedback from end users, whose sentiment is crucial to the success of EV rollouts

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Smart Utilities Scandinavia (20th – 21st of March 2012) will be held in Copenhagen, at the heart of the world’s most progressive energy region, and in a country aiming to be fully carbon neutral by 2050!
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