Is your government doing enough to support AMI?


Where the implementation of AMI is concerned, Central and Eastern Europe presents a range of extremes from almost complete smart meter coverage in Malta, to no action whatsoever in countries such as in Lithuania and Latvia.

Within the region, interest at the consumer level remains almost nil, which is perhaps not surprising. Whilst the potential savings to TSOs may be huge, the presence of a smart meter does not really make much difference to a consumer’s domestic energy expenditure – at least not at current energy prices.

As things stand, it is the governments who are bound by 2020 energy efficiency targets and the utilities who stand to gain most from the implementation of AMI. So, who amongst these should be leading AMI developments in the region? In countries where state governments have left it entirely to the energy utilities to bear the full costs and risks of a roll out programme, AMI penetration remains comparatively very low.

I would be very interested to hear your views on the issue: do you feel the government is providing enough support and the right kind of assistance to help realize a full-scale roll out? Specifically, I would be interested to get answers to the following:

  • Do you believe state governments generally in Central and Eastern Europe are doing enough to support AMI roll-out?
  • Is your national government offering enough legislative and financing support to help your company to roll-out smart meters?
  • How much of an impact do you believe AMI will make on improving your country’s energy efficiency. Will this be enough to put the country in line with the 20% improved energy efficiency targets by 2020?

It would be great if you can email your thoughts to me directly. The best comments will be turned into discussion points for the keynote session and industry round-table discussions at Smart Utilities CEE 2013.
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I look forward to receiving your answer on this!
Kind Regards,
Ed Butler
Conference Producer