Itron CEO Tom Deitrich at DISTRIBUTECH 2020: Predictions in the face of global challenges


President and CEO of Itron, Tom Deitrich delivers his keynote address at DISTRIBUTECH 2020.

There are multiple challenges facing the utility market – an obligation to keep the lights on, to keep the clean water flowing in the face of infrastructure complexities, workforce challenges, societal expectations and the “Uber effect” as it has spread to utility customer expectations.

Watch as Tom clarifies the energy landscape, lays bare the potential opportunities facing the utility industry in the decade to come, and shares his predictions for 2020:

  • Natural disasters are increasing, with an average of 14 major events per year requiring over a $1 billion in reparation costs, and they’re set to increase.
  • The adoption of EV’s is growing exponentially, but global challenges are growing.
  • The energy mix is going to continue to change, with renewables set to double over the next decade.
  • Utility revenues are expected to be worth over $100 billion by 2027, with massive economic and societal benefits.
  • Distributed computing, intelligence at the grid-edge and its potential to help utilities solve the challenges facing the energy transition.

Watch and gain the insights into where, and how utilities can power the transition to the smart community and smart city communities of the future.

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