Latin American Utility Week Awards launches in 2015

Latin American Utility Week Awards
Innovation in metering is one of the categories at this year’s Latin American Utility Week Awards

The organisers of Latin American Utility Week taking place on 23-25 September in São Paulo, Brazil, have announced new features of the event including an awards programme.

The Latin American Utility Week Awards will recognize innovation in power, metering, smart grids, smart systems, and water and gas.   

Winners in each category will receive a certificate and plaque recognizing excellence and contribution to the sector.

Winner will also receive coverage on their prize-winning solutions in the Latin American Utility Week publications, in Metering & Smart Energy Magazine, and in ESI Africa; and inscription for the 2016 conference and the corresponding event in Europe.

Commenting on the launch, Sérgio Jardim, CEO of Clarion Events Brazil, the organiser of the show, said: “These awards will be an incentive and a recognition for Brazilian companies that invest in projects to contribute efficient solutions in each one of these categories. Brazil needs more initiatives like this.”

The annual event being held on 23-25 September brings together entrepreneurs and specialists to stimulate sustainable economic development in these areas.

An important feature of the event in 2015 is Energen, for Brazilian and international suppliers of equipment, solutions and technology for hydro, thermal, wind and solar generation. 

There will also be a dedicated area for technological services in the areas of electric vehicles, the Internet of Things, IT and telecoms. 

Smart grid, meters and Internet of Things content

Another key feature of the three-day event is the International Congress. 

This year’s programe will cover:

  • Metering: Content centring on advanced new metering projects and programmes, and protection of networks. 
  • Smart Grids: Presentations on implementation of intelligent technology for transmission and distribution of electricity, water and gas. 
  • Power Sources: Presentations will centre on specialists in generation, implementation and innovation – including projects for generation from new energy sources. 
  • Water resources: Discussion will concentrate on water management, re-use of water and new measures for optimisation of use. 
  • Smart Systems: Content will focus on intelligent systems as providers of solutions for Smart Homes, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things; and integration of IT and telecoms into the electricity sector.

Last year’s LAUW (2014) had 2,000 visitors, 82 speakers, 135 congress participants and representatives of 52 utilities from Brazil and Latin America. We expect numbers around 15% higher this year. 

Innovation Awards: This year sees the return of awards for innovative projects in 5 areas: Energy, Metering, Smart Grids, Smart Systems and Water & Gas.

Latin American Utility Week takes place on 23-25 September at Transamerica Expo Centre, São Paulo, Brazil.