Learn from the most advanced smart grid projects presented at Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe 2011


We all know the spotlight in the transmission and distribution industry is on Europe.

The upgrade and modernisation of Europe’s electricity grids to meet increasing demand and carbon emission targets has been identified as a key energy infrastructure priority for 2020 and beyond. The emphasis is on fundamental remodelling of the power supply system, and it is estimated that Europe will spend over $187 billion on transmission, distribution and home automation.  

With a continued emphasis on a low carbon economy; the smart grid sector is in a strong position to grow and thrive. However, for the electricity grid to play its major role in a low carbon future it will need to connect up all the renewable sources of energy and micro-grids and this requires a intelligent transmission and distribution network. Over the next five years automating and modernising the transmission and distribution system will take an increasing share of the investment spend on smart grid and more importantly, add to it. It is estimated that the industry will spend $45 billion worldwide between now and 2015.

Compared to the trillions spent in your business, $45 billion may seem like a pittance. As you are in the middle of this significant energy revolution, it’s going to mean lots of profits for you!

Attend Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe and discover how to grasp this opportunity by learning from the most advanced European smart grid projects and pilot schemes:

  • ESB Smart Grid project in Ireland, encompassing wind integration, smart metering trial and customer behaviours, and the impact of EVs on the low voltage network
  • Gas Natural Fenosa in Spain and the first results of the Living Lab project, testing smart technologies on live distribution networks, with a focus on interoperability and device integration
  • Ostkraft in Denmark with the comprehensive EcoGrid EU project tracking 2000 consumer in their uptake of smart devices on the island of Bornholm
  • Enel in Italy and the ambitious Emobility project on developments in EV charging infrastructure, battery life, energy storage solutions, and the business rationale for investing in Evs
  • E.ON in UK on management of micro generation for smart grid and supply-demand management, with current virtual power plants and micro CHP projects
  • Smart Energy Collective in the Netherlands, a collaboration of 30 leading utilities, technology providers and industry consultants, setting up a number of large scale smart grid projects across the country.
  • And many more cases…

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