Meet with demand side CEO’s from around Europe and the USA at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2011


Join the intensive one day pre-conference workshop Consumption as a Strategic Resource on October 3rd organised by the Smart Energy Demand Coalition.

The only event that puts you face to face with Demand Side CEO’s from around Europe and the USA!

We invite you to the one-day intensive, discussion-based seminar dedicated to exploring emerging value propositions through Demand Response. Presentation and discussions with experts, will focus on the strategic potential of Demand Response and exploiting the integration of intermittent renewables, through dynamic Demand Response development.

View the seminar programme here

The aim of the seminar is to help utilities increase the value and potential of their smart grid applications.

Consumption is becoming an energy resource. Market structures in Spain, France, the UK and others, are implementing mechanisms friendly to Commercial, Industrial and Residential Demand Response just as the value of dynamic, controllable consumption rises. The SEDC Seminar will explore the international development of demand response and the value areas currently developing within markets.

Join some of the world’s leading demand response experts for a highly interactive one- day seminar, exploring the strategic potential of treating demand as a resource

Three reasons to attend:

  • Intensive strategy and problem solving discussions with EDF, Enel, European Aggregators Entelios, Energy Pool and other experts from Europe and the USA
  • Exclusive knowledge on new and innovative value propositions, through the efficient integration of intermittent renewables and peak consumption
  • Presentations focused on turning Smart Grid challenges into increased profits and  market share, through maximizing the untapped value of your entire customer base

Seats for the seminar are filling up quickly so register today!

Price: €450 excl VAT – including a FREE pass to the Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2011 and Smart Homes 2011 exhibitions.