Meeting the needs of deregulated markets


BGlobal, provider of advanced metering technology and services for non-half-hourly electricity customers in the UK, is finalising an agreement for the supply of metering services with Economy Power, an independent electricity supplier. The company has also signed a contract with EDMI Limited for the supply of electronic revenue meters and associated hard- and software.

EDMI designs and manufactures electronic revenue meters from its operations in Australia and Singapore. The contract calls for 60,000 sets of Mk 10 meters, modems and Eziview Multidrive, EDMI’s meter management/data retrieval software. The Mk 10 meters will be used for regular monthly meter reading, to meet the needs of the UK’s deregulated market, and will provide information for users to manage their consumption.

BGlobal will provide fee-based meter reading and data services to Economy Power in this instance, and to other similar utility customers in the future.