Metering, Billing & CRM Caribbean 2010 – Programme brochure available!


The brochure for Metering, Billing & CRM Caribbean 2010 is available to download on

The conference takes place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from November 29th to December 1st, 2010 and is part of a highly successful global series of Metering events.

Catering to the specific needs and issues faced by Caribbean metering professionals at this time of massive growth in the industry, the event will focus on the big issues such as finding solutions to the problems of overdependence on fossil fuels and serious energy inefficiency.

Key reasons to attend Metering, Billing & CRM Caribbean 2010:

  • Identify solutions and strategies for improving the energy crisis in the Caribbean
  • Find solutions to radically reduce energy losses and optimize energy efficiency
  • Learn how to successfully implement AMI
  • Optimize CRM – dramatically improve the way you communicate with your customers
  • Establish how to cost-effectively develop a communication infrastructure for smart meters

For more information contact: Mario Celestino on or call +1 888 559 8017 (US) ext 3556 or +27 21 700 3556 (international) or

Daniel Lima on or call +1 888 559 8017 (US) ext 3542 or +27 21 700 3542 (international)