Metering Europe looks at how utilities can meet smart meter targets by 2020

What needs to happen for Europe to meet its smart metering targets?  The continent’s utility industry will take urgent stock in October during the annual Metering Europe, Billing/CRM Europe conference and expo in Amsterdam with more than 4000 smart metering experts from utilities, energy regulators, technology suppliers and industry associations attending.

Challenges to EU roll-outs
Says Aida Mezit, Metering Europe producer:  “The EU deadline of 2020 by which 80 percent of households should have smart meters is not that far off and the European Commission has estimated that we are on course to achieve only half of the 20% primary energy consumption savings objective.  Therefore, all market players need to join forces in order to create the smart meter as a financially viable, technologically agile and consumer friendly tool for new energy efficiency.“

There are a number of challenges to a comprehensive and successful pan-European rollout says Aida Mezit, “such as regulation with a recent report by European Commission indicating that there is a still a lack of clarity about the roles and responsibilities of governments, utilities and consumer groups.”  

She continues:  “operationally it is a costly and complex exercise that asks utilities for organisational refocusing and huge investments in advanced data management systems and communication platforms.”   

Security of supply
Bram Reinders, in charge of alliance management at Liander, which is part of the Dutch energy network Alliander, agrees:  “new energy technologies will redesign our current energy industry completely.  In addition, these new technologies require advanced security solutions, as electricity infrastructure is critical to our wellbeing, safety and economy.”

Alliander is the host utility for this year’s Metering Europe and the company hopes to “stimulate collaboration between the European Commission, governments, research organisations, industry and the financial sector to work together on security and the resilience of smart grids and smart meters.”

Says Aida Mezit:  “Metering Europe will unpack all these issues through the keynote focus on the policy updates and a way forward; showcasing most up-to-date projects  via  more than 50 European case studies, while also giving a voice to the consumer groups with their own set of priorities; and  serve as a platform to show technological advancements in the smart meter/grid space.”

Programme highlights include the opening keynote session featuring:

  • Fabrizio Barbaso, Deputy Director General, DG Energy at the European Commission:  The future EU energy direction and the role of smart metering in influencing regulation and policy in member states.
  • Mark Dierikx, Director General for Energy, Telecom and Markets at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation:  How smart meters are a prerequisite for the future smart grid and its societal and economic long-term benefits.
  • Peter Molengraaf, Chairman of the Management Board at Alliander:  The importance of a secure smart metering system as a cornerstone for a stable electricity distribution network.
  • Richard Schomberg, Chairman, IEC Smart Grid Strategic Group and responsible for EDF Group Smart Energy Standards:  The importance of EU standardization and interoperability as a first step towards an integrated smart grid.
  • Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad, SVP Strategic Market Energy, Deutsche Telekom:  Huge investments in smart grid by 2030, to the tune of EUR390 billion, and what this means for smart metering infrastructure.

Event dates:
4-6 October 2011:  conference
3 October 2011:  pre-conference seminars
Location: Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein 22, Amsterdam
Event website:

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