Mikoh and Invensys join hands

MIKOH Corporation, a provider of secure radio frequency identification technology (RFID), has announced its collaboration with Invensys Metering Systems, to equip Invensys’s residential electricity meters with Smart&Secure technology to protect against theft. Smart&Secure is a proprietary RFID technology developed by MIKOH to ensure physical and data security within RFID systems.

Smart&Secure is designed to prevent tampering with the meter or devices within the meter box. Under the terms of the collaboration, MIKOH and Invensys will integrate the technology into the Invensys iCon™ solid-state residential electricity meter. A low-cost, miniature Smart&Secure reader housed within the meter will monitor a Smart&Secure seal applied externally to secure the meter and meter box. The reader will be connected electronically to an AMR module within the meter, which will transmit consumption and tamper information to the utility’s remote monitoring centre.

MIKOH and Invensys plan to develop a prototype iCon Smart&Secure meter, which will be launched in October. A joint marketing programme is planned to coincide with this.