New billing system for Florida City

The City of West Palm Beach in Florida, USA, has chosen SPL WorldGroup’s PeopleSoft CIS customer management system to handle billing and customer services for its 30,000 water, sewer, sanitation and related services accounts. The current mainframe-based system provides mainly summary information for customers, but bills produced by the new system will contain separate line items for usage fees, consumption, rebates, credits and other items. The new system is also able to handle payment plans automatically, as opposed to the manual processing needed at the moment for customers in arrears.

West Palm Beach bills for seven services – water, sewer, refuse collection, recycling, storm water, irrigation and a utility tax on water. The new system can accommodate all of these, and will also allow the addition of a new service – industrial pre-treatment fees and fines.

The new system, which will interface to existing City applications such as Oracle Financials, FormScape (for on-line bill printing and work orders) and Pitney Bowes (for bath bill processing) will go on-line early in 2004.