New half-hour data collector accredited

Clarity is a wholly owned service of Stark Software International Ltd and is Elexon-accredited as a half hour data collector and data aggregator. The prevalence of estimated meter data in the UK is leading to billing problems for many commercial and industrial energy users. Now, for the first time in nearly four years, a new half-hour data collection agent has achieved accreditation.

Clarity is an independent service that harnesses the power of Stark RT software to manage meter interval data. Stark RT is an AMR program used by utilities, suppliers and large energy users around the world. The power of Stark RT gives the vital access to the raw meter data. Making this primary information universally available is the first step in resolving the contentious billing problems faced by suppliers and their customers.

Gaining Elexon HHDC and HHDA certification and accreditation is a challenging process. Clarity aims to set new benchmarks for performance that will go a long way towards improving the attitude of customers to the accuracy of their bills. Later this year the company plans to launch a major connectivity initiative designed to cut data collection costs.