New local communications system for electricity meters


Coherent Technologies Ltd., supplier of telephone modems for use in remote reading of electricity meters, has launched an RS485 local communication system that can link 255 electricity meters to a single modem.

This makes the system useful in sub-metering and tenant metering applications, as only one telephone line and one telephone call is required to access the meters.
Designed for use with Coherent’s EC24 meter modem, the RS485 Multi-Meter Adapter provides connection between the meter and the modem and connects other meters to the system via Category 5 Ethernet cables. Interfaces that connect each meter to the local network are easy to fit and require no set-up. The total length of cabling can be up to 1000 metres.

Versions of the system are available for Elster’s Vision meters, PRI’s Premier meters and Actaris’ Indigo+ meters. Coherent will produce versions for other meter manufacturers too.