New remote disconnect system

BLP will launch its new X-Pulse remote disconnect system at the AMRA symposium in September. It provides Wholehouse disconnect capability, eliminating costly site visits by meter personnel. The pager-based communications option uses the existing 930Mhz Flex network, allowing rapid and cost-effective implementation. For final disconnection, the system employs BLP’s PowerPulse latching relay technology, already used in millions of residential meters.

The X-Pulse system’s Plug ’n Play design makes it simple to install. No additional control wire or communications technology are required; the complete system is mounted within a standard wall socket adapter and is ready for use. It allows a utility to contact any field unit individually and perform a disconnection or reconnection remotely. The software contains a customer database which holds details of all the field units, including their location and switch status. The system operates from a desktop PC.