New system components improve AMI performance


Distribution Control Systems Inc. (DCSI) has released system components that enable its new AMIgo™ system to manage and deliver increased numbers of two-way commands by exploiting the parallelism inherent in the electrical grid.

The TWACS® system is already able to communicate concurrently on multiple electrical phases and exploit other elements of parallelism, and the marriage of two new products – IMT-XM and MIRA – enables it to deliver increased amounts of interval data at a high rate of speed. The IMT-XM is a TWACS metering transponder that adds the ability to compute fixed block demand with 15 or 30 minute intervals.

It stores daily read data and hourly interval data for seven days, provides enhanced group addressing and performs a monthly self-read according to the programmable billing cycle date. Its expanded addressing features increase transponder grouping capability from 64 meters to 256 meters, and allow groups to be remotely programmed via a selective broadcast mode within seconds.

The MIRA (Multiple Input Receiver Assembly) board is a TWACS multiple parallel processing receiver that increases the maximum number of inputs that can be supported when using Concurrent Phase Communications. As many as 32 substation feeders can now use a single control and receiving unit (CRU).