Niahara Mohawk wins EPN award


Niagara Mohawk, a US-based utility providing electricity to 1.5 million customers and natural gas to 570,000 customers in upstate New York, has won the 2004/2005 Best Metering Revenue Assurance Initiative in Canada and the US for an investor-owned utility (IOU), as selected by the Energy Planning Network (EPN). Niagara Mohawk is the second largest combined electricity and gas utility in New York.

The utility installed 1.5 million Itron CENTRON residential meters equipped with AMR technology, 27,000 AMR polyphase meters and 570,000 AMR-equipped gas meters over a period of 18 months. The CENTRON solid state meter was used as a platform for advanced metering, providing additional accuracy from the older electromechanical meters, precise measurement of energy used, and flexibility to adapt as needs change.

Winners were determined by a panel of judges who scored entries on project innovation, project benefits and project management.