Option Baords Brings a Web Connection to Meters


muNet® has announced its new WebGate® iCIS-INT Option Board for the GE Encompass family of electronic meters (GE kV2c) as the first in a series of products that bring a web connection to meters employing ANSI C12.19 tables. This IP-interface product expands the core Ethernet connectivity engine of muNet’s WebGate iRIS and iCIS-KYZ products to allow connection to the full data collected by a commercial meter.

Installed under the glass, the WebGate iCIS-INT acquires interval metering data from the current register table in the meter, adds a time stamp, stores the data in non-volatile memory and transfers it via TCP/IP (HTTP) and XML protocols over 10/100BaseT Ethernet broadband networks. It can also be equipped to record data from water and gas meters via a short-hop wireless connection. Complete current register reads and demand resets are initiated by a simple web command that is compatible with muNet’s central office WebBot™ Central Control Software.