LODESTAR Addresses Single Market Opening at Energy Ireland 2006

London, United Kingdom – June 13, 2006 – LODESTAR Corporation, a provider of strategic applications to utilities around the world, announced today that the company will participate in the largest energy conference in Ireland – the Energy Ireland 2006 Conference. The Irish market is preparing for the single market opening in July of 2007, which will impact all market participants in their daily and strategic operation. LODESTAR will be participating in Energy Ireland to demonstrate its unique technologies and solutions designed for retail, distribution, transmission, and generation companies, and to help those companies address the market challenges that lie ahead.

Elster Electricity receives accreditation from Measurement Canada to inspect and seal...

Elster Electricity, LLC, a leading provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions worldwide, announced today that it has received accreditation from Measurement Canada as an Authorized Service Provider to inspect and seal electricity meters at its Raleigh, North Carolina manufacturing facility. The accreditation allows Elster to better serve its Canadian customers by offering the option of factory-sealed meters.

Elster Electricity receives í¢â‚¬Å“Taking Care of Business í¢â‚¬” Public Sectorí¢â‚¬ award...

Elster Electricity, LLC, a leading provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions worldwide, was selected by The Wireless Innovation Network of British Columbia (WINBC) to receive the “Taking Care of Business – Public Sector” award in the third annual Wireless Innovation Contest (WIC’06). The award recognizes solutions that showcase new processes or models, improve productivity, and save money in the public service sector (utilities, health, government, fire, or police services). Elster will be recognized by WINBC at the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) Wireless 2006 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada as an innovator in wireless solutions for the successful deployment of Elster’s EnergyAxis System by the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AVEC).

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative receives Utility Automation and Engineering T&Dí¢â‚¬â„¢s 2005...

Elster Electricity, LLC announces that the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AVEC) was awarded the “2005 AMR Project of the Year” by Utility Automation and Engineering T&D magazine, a PennWell Corporation publication, for their deployment of Elster’s EnergyAxis System in the summer of 2005.Award winners were selected based on the size and scope of the project, level of innovation used, benefits to the utility, its customers and the power industry as a whole, and clarity of the written project description.

Salt River Project reduces field orders and realizes operational benefits with...

Elster Electricity, LLC announces that the Salt River Project (SRP) Agricultural and Improvement Power District in Phoenix, Arizona is currently deploying 10,000 REX meters per month as part of its EnergyAxis System expansion project. The EnergyAxis System is an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system for residential, commercial, and industrial electricity and water metering applications. As a result of the expansion, SRP expects to realize an increase in customer service levels and the ability to offer new products and services to its customers. SRP expects its customers to experience more timely completion of orders and more consistent bill cycles.

Volumetric water meter with a unique design

Actaris, global manufacturer of electricity, gas, water and heat metering and systems, has launched the Aquadis+ - a new volumetric water meter with a unique and innovative design. Resulting from three years of development and laboratory tests, leading to several registered patents, the Aquadis+ combines a robust and compact design with outstanding accuracy.

Liberia liberalises electric power sector

The steps leading to liberalisation of the Liberian electric power sector have been identified by a management study, and will include the supervision of external technical assistance. As a consequence the project has been put out to tender. The initiative will begin in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, and has not been greeted with unqualified enthusiasm. While the lack of a national grid hasmeant that most businesses have made arrangements to provide their own power supply, there are also fears that liberalisation will lead to privatisation, and ultimately to increased power bills.

Optical meter reading


 MI 3 2005 CA Optical Meter Reading

When entering a low budget market such as the AMR  market for residential ustomers, alternatives must be present to allow transition phases  from on-AMR to smart meters. If OMR overcomes a set of stringent operating rules, it is a valid solution and it can serve as an alternative.The requirements are:

• Easy-to-install, nondestructive placement
• Lifespan around 10 years
• One model fits all philosophy
• Must produce reliable data

Xemex decided to take up the challenge in late 1998, and started with a low-power consuming  CMOS platform. This technology provided a camera chip and some onboard intelligence for image decoding. A pre-production model was assembled and is still active in the Demo Corner on our website. This first model could be fitted on most gas and electricity meters and had  an IR light source to ensure good decoding circumstances under all conditions.

Wireless AMR for new range of meters

Iskraemeco, a leading manufacturer of automatic metering devices, has selected Wavecom technology for use in several of its newest automatic  electricity meter reading projects. Wavecom’s wireless solutions will be integrated into Iskraemeco’s most advanced electricity meters and other telemetry devices. These meters  are targeted at deregulated energy markets and are intended for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The wireless capability provided by the Wavecom module Q2406B enables the meters to be read automatically via wireless network carriers – a preferred solution for many utility companies operating in newly deregulated markets.

Nationwide AMR network coverage

Advanced Metering Data Systems, a US-based company providing AMR technology and wireless monitoring services to electricity, water and gas utilities, has secured 652 MAS(multiple address system) exclusive-use radio spectrum licences in the recent Federal Communications Commission spectrum auction. This means that the company now owns exclusive-use spectrum for the entire United States, except for four cities.

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