PG&E’s SmartMeter (TM) education center – a showcase for PG&E’s new SmartMeter technology.


Delegates attending the Smart Metering West Coast Conference taking place 28-30 August 2006 in San Francisco will have the opportunity to visit PG&E’s new SmartMeter technology center. The center provides a hands-on view of the system’s near-term (3-5 years) capabilities from three perspectives: the customer, the customer service agent, and the SmartMeter system operator. 

Thomas E. Bottorff

The Smart Metering West Coast Conference will offer delegates a unique opportunity to gain in-depth, comprehensive knowledge and first-hand

experience of the benefits and challenges, the technologies and implementation techniques of smart metering from the world’s leaders. Delegates will benefit from this strategic and practical approach to smart metering.

Keynote speaker at Smart Metering West Coast conference: Thomas E. Bottorff, Senior Vice President – Regulatory Relations, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, CA

 Some of the event highlights include:

  • Considerations for smart metering: technologies
    Vendor showcases:
    Latest smart metering technologies for an advanced metering infrastructure. Hear about the latest technologies on offer from leading manufacturers of smart metering products.
  • Site visit: See it all in practice. Gain first-hand insight and experience: SmartMeter Education Center, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, CA, USA
  • Welcome address: Thomas E. Bottorff, Senior Vice President – Regulatory Relations, Pacific Gas & Electric, CA, USA
  • Case-study Ontario: Status and the way forward: Michael Angemeer, Chair, Electricity Distributors Association, ON, Canada

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