POWERGEN University seeking qualified instructors for sessions


Interested in helping POWERGEN International attendees gain an advanced understanding of the industry’s inner workings?

POWERGEN University is seeking one-day professors who can offer in-depth courses that help power generation professionals gain a fuller education about technologies, best practices and other ways to improve the generation sector. Those instructors can also make a little profit, too.

POWERGEN International is scheduled November 18-21 in New Orleans. On Monday, Nov. 18, POWERGEN University will offer one-time four-hour and eight-hour pre-conference workshops on a variety of power generation topics, including any of the tracks and topics listed in the call for abstracts. We encourage submissions that go above and beyond even what’s listed there but still rooted in power generation.

Teachers selected will share in any profits generated out of the courses. They also can enhance their professional credentials in the process.

Deadline to submit POWERGEN University abstracts is Tuesday, February 26. You can find the link here.

A slightly different version of this piece was first published by our sister site, Electric Light & Power.