PowerMatchingCity – World’s first total-concept smart grid project receives a top accolade at UN sustainability


This week’s highlight I would like to share with you is the extraordinary success of a very Dutch Project – PowerMatchingCity – which has been selected as the top sustainable project at Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro earlier this month.
In a nutshell, PowerMatchingCity is a live smart grid project involving 25 households in the Hoogkerk district in the Netherlands. It has demonstrated that it is possible to create a smart grid with a corresponding market model, which enables consumers to freely exchange electricity, without compromising on comfort and convenience. This closed-circuit community represents a smart energy system on a micro-scale; crucially it offers us a blueprint for its scaled-up potential of entire cities being part of symbiotic energy generation and exchange.

To read more about the world’s first total-concept smart grid project, please go here.
PowerMatchingCitywill be presented at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012 by the project-leading utility ENEXIS by its Innovation Manager Martijn van Huijkelom. The other project partners KEMA, University of Eindhoven and TNO will also be presenting at the event, so a rare opportunity to meet with the team behind Europe’s most innovative project.
I look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam in October to discuss this and many other innovating projects!
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