Protective coating improves adoption of AMR water meters


Environmental barriers have prevented the widespread adoption of water meters read via AMR technology. Parylene protective coating is helping to solve these problems, while lowering overall costs.

Parylene is a vapour deposited, conformal coating that protects against moisture, corrosion, chemicals and electrical charge. As a result, Parylene’s barrier properties are well suited to prevent common problems associated with water meters, such as condensation. Water meters that use Parylene coating will last longer, have fewer field failures and better address utilities’ concerns regarding cost management. The use of AMR technology to read water meters is increasing in rural areas in particular, where door-to-door reading is increasingly costly, and the benefits offered by Parylene’s protective properties are expected to encourage further growth in the cost-effective use of AMR systems by water utilities.

Speciality Coating Systems, credited as being the originator of Parylene, is a division of Cookson Electronics. The company offers coating service facilities in nine worldwide coating centres in North America, Europe and Asia.