Questar Gas Co moves to new billing solution


Questar Gas Company, which serves residential, commercial and industrial customers in three states in the USA, will move its 750,000 customer accounts to SPL’s CorDaptix™ customer management solution. The system is expected to be operational in mid-2004.

Questar is replacing a 30-year old legacy billing system that has become too rigid and inflexible to accommodate the requirements of today’s natural gas marketplace. As an immediate benefit, the utility expects to better serve customers with faster access to account information and increased flexibility.

CorDaptix offers automated handling of direct-access service requests and billing flexibility, including the ability to handle combinations of commodity and non-commodity products and services. It is scaleable from a few thousand to many million customers, and its intuitive interface and customer-centric data model give customer service representatives immediate access to the information they need to serve and retain customers.