Radix improves FP40 printer

The Radix FP40 is a rugged portable thermal printer for use in all field printing environments, certified to IP33. In order to streamline the manufacturing process for the two variants (the FP40I with infra-red communications and the FP40+ with a D type RS232 connector) the company has revised the charging and communication port. The FP40+ now follows the same power philosophy as the FP40I infra-red version, and no longer has an on/off switch. This allows improved power management for both versions.

In addition Radix has launched the FWC-10 integral image capture device to further enhance its FW500 handheld computer. The FWC-10 is a solution for image capture, 1D and 2D barcode reading, signature capture and optical character recognition standards A and B. It can be used alongside the FWP-30 integrated thermal printer and PC cards such as GSM, CDPD and LAN.

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