RBS, Novusmodus and Matrix are enjoying guaranteed revenues from energy efficiency projects


Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) offer an innovative solution for energy efficiency projects delivering you a ‘safe bet’, long term investment opportunity.
The ESCO solution is a smart and increasingly common way to implement energy efficiency improvements to building stock, delivering cost neutral energy savings to the client.

The ESCO profits from the margin between cash savings on the energy bill and the cost of improvements and their financing. For the investor/lender, this is one opportunity that monetizes energy efficiency with a guaranteed ROI.

“The beauty of the ESCO model is that the bigger the investment, the greater the gross energy savings. Thanks to tried and tested energy consumption models, you know exactly what savings a package of modifications will deliver. After that it’s just maths.” Anthony Pohl, ESCO Europe Programme Director

The whole area of ESCOs is being discussed in detail at ESCO Europe 2012 in London next month with contributions from RBS, The Co-operative Bank, Novusmodus and Matrix. Hear the leading projects as University of London, Sello Shopping Mall, Kalundborg Smart City, Municipality of Gribskov, Berliner Energy Agentur, Graz Energy Agentur, Greater London Authority and a host of others outline ESCO best practice- so you understand how to maximise ROI:

  • RBS, The Co-operative Bank, Novus Modus and Matrix discuss risk dynamics, deal size, management requirements and give you an overview on the due diligence required for ESCO investments
  • Greg Barker, Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change will provide an overview of how the government plans to stimulate energy efficiency, what role ESCO projects will play, along with an overview of the Green Investment Bank and the implications for your investment
  • PLUS Meet 200+ ESCO professionals looking to monetize energy efficiency – start to build relationships with the businesses that will drive billions of euro’s worth of energy efficiency deployments

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P.S. Join us at ESCO Europe 2012 where 200 leading energy management professionals will be looking to monetize energy efficiency – your working capital is guaranteed to deliver results for both sides.