Remote reading using handheld computers


Telepartner Systems has announced support for Panasonic’s new CF-P1 handheld PDA, part of the ‘Toughbook’ range of ruggedised computers. The CF-P1 is able to run Telepartner’s field service and meter reading applications, and can connect across all UK wireless networks for live communication with central systems.

Coupled with an optional GPS receiver, the CF-P1 provides field workers with navigation facilities and the ability to transmit their exact location to a field service centre. With GPRS connectivity giving always-on connection, live tracking is possible. This can allow automatic despatch based on location and the monitoring of lone workers in remote and hazardous environments. Telepartner’s GPRS developments enable faster data exchange and allow browsing of central information resources such as spare parts inventory and technical libraries.

The CF-P1 is dust, moisture and shock resistant, has a full colour screen viewable in direct sunlight and supports data entry through either the touch screen or keyboard. Powered by the latest Intel StrongArm microprocessor with 32 MB ram, the CF-P1 can run for 24 hours on a single battery charge and can be configured with a wide range of connectivity options, including wireless LAN, GPS, GPRS/GSM. Barcode or RFID scanning can be added as required.