Rising Russian electricity prices lead to a surge of interest in energy efficiency


With gradual lifting of capped tariffs and electricity prices on the rise, energy efficiency, which until recently was of little interest to most Russians, is becoming the key driver for consumer engagement.

Utilities are starting to offer varied tariffs and price incentives for off peak usage to domestic customers, while commercial entities are looking into ways to directly participate in wholesale markets to buy power, and get monetary rewards from curtailing consumption to balance the networks.

This surge in appetite for efficiency schemes and cheaper electricity is opening multifold opportunities for the savvy players able to create products and services around the basic premise of energy conservation, cost savings and managed consumption.

According to Gianguido Piani, an independent expert with twenty years of experience in Russia, "anybody who can deliver solutions with tangible energy efficiency results that make save real money has a market in Russia."

  • So what tools – fiscal, regulatory or technological – do we need to actively involve consumers in demand management and bring energy efficiency on par with that of Western Europe?
  • What is the potential of demand side management in its various forms – from smart metering, dynamic pricing, and demand response to home/building automation – to make measurable energy and financial savings for its users?

Gianguido, together with the panel of experts, will discuss the potential of consumer engagement and demand side management in the Russian context. Listed are a few key speakers who will join him on stage:

  • Dmitriy Govorov, Director of NP Energy Consumers Coalition
  • Sergey Pikin, Director of Energy Development Foundation
  • Marko Svetina, VP Strategy and Development, CyberGrid

Join us at Smart Utilities Russia, and discuss the importance of energy efficiency and why consumer involvement is critical to the market-led and subsidy-free functioning of the sector.

I look forward to seeing you in Moscow!

Kind regards,

Aida Mezit
Conference Producer

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