‘Smart grid is not a luxury in India, it’s a necessity’


P. Uma Shankar,
Secretary, Minister
of Power, India
New Delhi, India — (METERING.COM) — September 20, 2011 – With skyrocketing electrical demand – potentially the fastest-growing in the world – India is investing both dollars and manpower into the development of a smarter grid.

P. Uma Shankar, Secretary of Power of India commented on the development of smart grids in India this week. In India, Mr. Shankar discussed how many of the challenges with the electricity grid occur at the distribution level. He highlighted unauthorized energy consumption – like theft – as a key issue that must be dealt with.

India’s smart grid policy is an emerging part of its nationwide energy policy. The policy is being jointly developed by a collaborative grouping of central and state governmental bodies and subject matter experts from industry, academia and non-governmental research and development organizations.

A large percentage of India’s rural population cannot afford to pay more than a few rupees per day on energy. Setting up smart mini/microgrids would bring low cost electricity, enabling the country to leapfrog to total rural electrification.

Potentially, these grids could revolutionise lives in rural India. With the availability of low cost electricity, working hours in a day would be extended, improving the quality of life. Electricity would be available for agriculture, animal husbandry, mobile communication, data connectivity and healthcare systems in villages.

Smart grid is an essential topic and will be discussed among others at the 6th annual Smart Energy International India taking place November 16-18, 2011 in New Delhi, India.

Due to an unprecedented demand, we have put together a site visit that will offer international companies the opportunity to gain valuable insight into India’s justification for implementing advanced metering and smart grid technologies.

This tour will take you to market leading utilities all over India to experience what large scale metering and gird operations are all about for emerging economies. For more information, download the Smart Energy International India programme brochure.