Smart grid moving from research to early industrialisation stage


A number of ambitious and sophisticated projects are taking place across Europe, paving the way to systematic, real-life and beyond-the-pilot implementations. We are proud to announce that the following cutting edge projects will be presented at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012:

  • EcoGridEU project
    Next generation technologies and innovation making an impact in the electricity network where production and consumption are integrated via real time communication and efficiency-maximising systems. KoenKok, Senior Scientist, TNO, will explain the project’s ahead-of-the-curve approach to real-time grid balancing and consumer integration
  • Flexible Plug and Play project
    Theintegration of smart devices, smart applications and smart commercial arrangements to enable the transition to a low carbon future. From the most liberalised of European markets, Dave Openshaw, Head of Future Networks , UK Power Networks, will expand on the drivers, challenges and long term benefits of the transition to smart grid
  • Grid4U project
    Capacity and operational issues of renewables connected to the distribution networks – what will the shift from centralised to decentralised networks bring to all parties? ERDF is a leading project partnerand its Smart Grid Project Manager, Remy Garaude-Verdier, will explore the emerging energy scenario and its potential to revolutionise energy management

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They will share the speaking platform with cutting edge technology providers, the likes of T-Systems, Siemens and Intel, and the key European bodies and associations, such as European Commission, EURELECTRIC and EDSO for Smart Grids. The collaboration amongst these parties is crucial to addressing our future energy needs and creating most optimal scenarios to accommodate them.

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