Smart Metering Masterclass for the Middle East


Dr Howard Scott, Managing Director of Cognyst International, and one of the smart metering industry’s true pioneers, will be giving a full day workshop aimed at utilities on ‘How to manage your smart metering & AMI project’, in Dubai on December 7th.

The workshop forms part of the regional Smart Grids Middle East conference, taking place December 5-7, which is the region’s biggest assembly of smart grid leaders in the power sector. The conference includes speakers from Europe, the United States, and across the Middle East who will present case studies on smart metering and smart grid projects worldwide and analyse their usefulness for local conditions.

In depth case studies will be presented on the following topics:

  • DEWA’s smart metering project
  • ADWEA’s smart metering project
  • FEWA’s AMI project
  • Xcel’s SmartGridCity, Boulder, Colorado – the world’s first Smart Grid City!
  • E.On’s large-scale smart metering roll-out in Sweden
  • Sultanate of Oman’s AMI pilot study
  • Pacific Gas & Electric’s Demand Response initiative
  • Europe’s second largest residential smart metering project in Acea, Italy
  • Masdar City’s smart grid technology

As well as offering practical insights on how to implement and manage smart grid projects, Smart Grids Middle East is a strategic forum for the debating of commercial, regulatory, and technological changes affecting the power sector across the region.

Smart Grids Middle East takes place December 5-6, with the workshop on Managing Your AMI and Smart Metering Project on December 7th. PLEASE NOTE: Dates have changed.

More information on the conference, including the full agenda, is to be found at