SMS water metering


Selangor Water Works of Malaysia has successfully implemented a text message SMS-based data collection system, working with Jekyll Electronic Technology of the UK and its Malaysian partner EMS Technologies. The system uses the Telemodem2 mobile platform as the meter interface unit, and it delivers daily meter reads over the GSM network short message service (SMS).

The Telemodem2 provides a communications interface with Sensus-compliant meters, sending meter readings to the data collection site. Data collection is handled by Jekyll’s Remote Manager, a software tool with a Windows interface that collects the SMS messages, verifies the data and compiles a database of the water meter readings. Any out-of-limit alarm conditions, including high and low flow, are brought to the attention of the operator, and alarms are forwarded to mobile maintenance personnel for immediate action. Remote Manager also provides the facilities for configuration of the remote MIUs, as well as automatic fault detection, thus reducing maintenance time on site.

The collected water meter data can easily be exported from the collection software database for analysis in other software packages.

EMS has announced a significant interest by customers looking to deploy an AMR integrated solution for the water industry.