Specialised full immersion workshops at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012


Following on the past years’ feedback for more specialised sessions, for 2012 we have added 6 new pre-conference seminars for Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012, each with an in-depth focus on a specific strand and each led by an undisputed expert in smart energy.
Whether it is the intricacies of business strategy, understanding demand response, or learning about cost-benefit ratio of gas and water smart metering, these workshops are the most time-efficient route to accelerated learning in a niche area.  

Which topic would you like to get more expert knowledge on? Explore our 5 workshops taking place on October 8th:
"Security – an enabler for innovation in the grid"
As the grid gets ‘smarter’ and digital replaces mechanical, sound security becomes crucial to utility operation. The Accenture-led workshop will feature utilities, regulators and smart grid vendors who will explore global intelligent solutions and security governance models. Learn which international initiatives have been initiated to maximise security and minimise the re-invention of the wheel. Read more here…

"Micro-Generation, Micro-Grids and Demand Response"
Demand Reponses as a new proposition for monetising energy savings and allowing consumers to enter energy markets is alleged to have a huge commercial benefit. The workshop is led by The Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), a prime association for demand side integration. Learn how to  tap into a huge potential of demand response on both  the industrial and residential basis. Read more here…
"Showcasing new business for consumer based smart metering services"
The SmartRegionsseminar is designed with utilities and policy makers in mind to help them realise the potential of well-designed consumer services and to explore favourable market conditions for new entrants. Hear the latest on national smart metering implementations and opportunities for new smart meter-enabled services. Read more here…
"IEC 62056 DLMS/COSEM – a core standard for interoperable smart metering systems”
The DLMS workshop will expand on the core standard for interoperable smart metering systems. Over the past decade, the DLMS/COSEM has led the way in meter data exchange, supporting a whole range of new requirements in a multi-utility environment. Understand the benefits of the DLMS/COSEM standards and their applicability to existing and new technologies. Read more here…

"The Future of Utility Network Operations and Information Management"
With smart grid comes a massive change in operational imperatives for utilities: from renewables, decentralised generation to EVs, to new demands on the grid. The joined Oracle/Capgemini workshop will examine approaches for grid optimisation. Find out about the Oracle Network Management System and how it could help optimise the entire network operation – from technical to organisational. Read more here…
Smart gas and water metering
Following the trend of the electricity sector, water and gas utilities are also beginning to implement smart meters in their networks. The smart gas and water metering session, taking place on October 10th, will explore the non-electrical utilities’ forays into ‘smart’ and its efficiency and business benefits. Hear from top European water and gas companies on rationale for adopting smart meters and their perceived long term benefits. Read more here…

Allow an extra day at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012 for full immersion in key market topics. Register here for your place at one of 6 expert-led workshops.

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Aida Mezit
Conference Manager,
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