Standard for power meters


Fluke Corporation, supplier of test and measurement equipment, has developed the Fluke 6100A electrical power standard, which performs all the tests and measurements stipulated under the new IEC 61000-4-30 power quality standard. Designed for manufacturers of power quality measurement equipment, as well as certification bodies who provide primary measurement support and/or traceability, the Fluke 6100A is a multi-phase, highly accurate and reliable source of phantom electrical power signals and power disturbances.

It consists of a master unit which provides the first phase and auxiliary units that provide up to three additional phases controlled through the master unit, and mimics harmonic distortions, user-definable sags, swells and flicker either one at a time or simultaneously. It is also configurable to the differing power voltages and frequencies that have been adopted globally, and the Windows user interface provides familiar commands and settings.

Scaleable, simple and highly accurate, the Fluke 6100A is an appropriate standard for power meters, power factor meters, power quality analyzers, power recorders and power meters with quality measurement capabilities.