Synergy announces Europe’s first Smart Home forum to determine the future roadmap that will affect millions across Europe


The smart home revolution is happening! Figures don’t lie:

  • The smart home market will be worth more than $2.8 million worldwide and from 2011
  • The global household smart appliance market is projected to grow from $3.06 billion to $15.12 billion (a 394% growth!)
  • Smart meters will be increasingly involved in home area networking and it is anticipated that HAN-capabilities will be embedded in 49 percent of all smart meters shipped by 2010

The increased integration of smart meters and smart grids in the smart home arena means that an increasing number of applications, appliances and home management systems will be connected. Various industries are offering smart home related services that enable access and control of connected home systems.

This means we need a unifying platform where key players such as utilities, telecom providers, data aggregators and service providers can meet and discuss a deliverable roadmap.

Synergy is the first to the market to facilitate such a necessary meeting place for these industries. The Smart Homes 2010 conference and exhibition brings together different worlds in a unique setting designed to identify how to create new opportunities and drive innovation through smart homes.

This conference, the first of its kind, will:

  • Provide key perspectives from leading smart home players including Austin Energy, EDF Energy, EnBW and SEAS-NVE
  • Review customer engagement and energy efficiency transformations from leading trials including BeyWatch, BeAware and the Pecan Street Project
  • Determine how the telcos can assist the smart home revolution – with key insight from leading players such as Telefonica, Orange and Telecom Italia

Smart Homes 2010 is being held on 22-24 September in Vienna, Austria. Please logo on to to find out more.

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